Not beaten by the Xmas Turkey

We had a quiet start to evening, I think some were beaten by the Xmas Turkey and Pudding 🙂
Well done to all those, especially the new comers, that made it to our lessons. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances not all the LGS family were there and we had to combine our lessons, hopefully you all enjoyed it and felt you were still challenged. Well done to my beginners in my level 1&2 lesson can’t believe how much we covered last night 🙂

After lessons we had DJ Hughie playing his unique blend of Latin vibes. Like I said the evening started off pretty quiet , but it didn’t take long before the floor was buzzing and full. I was surprised at how many people turned up as I knew we were taking a risk Xmas week to go ahead with lessons and club. I’m happy I made the decision to go ahead, I for one danced hard and it turned out the majority were not beaten by the Xmas Turkey. Hopefully I have also worked off a few of the extra calories 🙂
A big thank you to Hughie for another wicked night x

Next week 3rd January its live band night with Sarabanda ! Join us for our regular lessons then dance non-stop to live music and DJ Lee til 1am !

To Live is to Dance !


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