Devils & Witches came out to play !

I’m still smiling 🙂 what a fantastic birthday I have had !:-)
I hope my Witches outfit didn’t frighten any of my new beginners away last night …. And I hope Tonys weird eyes didn’t frighten too may of the improvers away either !
All 4 levels were well attended and buzzing …apologies for the disruption of the band sound checks during the lessons but unfortunately this can not be helped on a band night….I’m surprise I still have a voice !

La Rebelion kicked off the evening and almost immediately their salsa spell worked ! The floor was buzzing and packed ! There was Amazing energy from the band and they also engaged with the crowd which the crowd love at the Langthorne.
They sang me a beautiful Birthday song …mwah a big thank you again to La Rebellion x
I recommend La Rebelion to all Salsa Promoters out there… They are a professional and passionate band. They always sound and look great and they play music for the Salsa dancer….book book book them NOW !

I had a fantastic evening celebrating my Birthday. Thank you to everyone that made an effort and turned up in their Devil or Witches outfits. I hope you enjoyed the band, the treats and the birthday cake mmmmm 😉
Thank you for my birthday dances, cards and presents….I’m such a lucky girl 🙂 x

I can’t finish until I of course thank DJ Hughie for complimenting the band brilliantly and keeping the floor moving til 1am.

Next week join us for any of our lessons from 7.45pm

A little reminder of Jason and Janet’s Dominican Bachata workshops on the 11th now ! Ltd spaces available (see events page for full details)

Next week DJ: Steevo !

To Live is To Dance

Janet x



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