70s Peace & Love

As it was a 70s themed night our warm up and cool down tracks were Funky like a Train and Funky Drummer. 🙂 Although Funky Drummer was about 10mins long, Robert Charlemagne took control and funked it up big time to the whole track…..and everyone just followed.  I could see the smiles and hear the laughter it was the only way to kick start a 70s party.

Well, teaching my beginners class in my Afro and 70s look was massive fun. Obviously the new beginners in my class thought they had walked back in time when they walked in….and not knowing whether it was normal salsa dress lol …I hope I didn’t scare them away 🙂

A big big thank you to those that made the effort and dressed 70s style for our 70s Peace & Love Party ! The Afros were flowing and the ladies looked great in the 70s fashion.

Well done to our prize winners Sandra and Olivia, I hope you enjoy your bag of love goodies 🙂

DJ Steevo played a wicked set !!! He kept the dance floor buzzing till the very end and he received applause from very early in the night and throughout right to the last track……we forgive you Steevo for stopping a tract half way through saying ‘sorry that was the wrong track’ lool….only at LGS could this happen. 🙂

It was our baby Roxys birthday and she got a birthday salsa dance I’m sure she won’t forget lol Happy Birthday Roxy x

After the birthday dance the highlight of the evening for me was. …Soul Train ! Yes we did it, men and ladies lined up and did their thang ! It was brilliant, almost everyone took part. Thank you, thank you, to all of you that let your hair down and just went for it..   its definitely an LGS moment I won’t forget.

Next week the party vibes continue with DJ Lee

I love Thursdays.

P.S giving you all a heads up, LGS new fortnightly Friday club begins 28th March ! watch this space !

LGS - Soul Train !

LGS – Soul Train !

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